PGDM in Hospital & Health Management

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For all those who is thinking of healthcare career during these pandemic times and wish to build a career as managers and change makers knowing the difference between these two courses in the beginning is bit difficult therefore we help you to understand before you make any decision for your future. So, let us see MBA and PGDM in magnifying glass.

  1. Market Value
    The main difference is that MBA is a degree programme conducted by Universities and colleges with affiliation to those Universities. The diploma programme, i.e., PGDM is the course that is conducted by those autonomous institutes that are recognized by the AICTE approved by the Ministry of HRD and Government of India. The IIMs offer a Diploma course and not degree. Therefore the Market value of a diploma program (PGDM) does the level of a degree (MBA) so we ensure you understand your career objectives and go for right college instead of stressing on degree or diploma. At Terna we are giving internship with our hospital for the students to take the jobs head on, along with several other Health Care Organisations.
  2. Accreditation
    Since PGDM is the course that is offered by the autonomous bodies and Colleges approved by AICTE, you must take extra care to validate whether a particular college has got the essential accreditations. Only after confirmation should you apply for the admission there. There are some small colleges or say institutes that do not have proper accreditation status. At Terna with 40 years of excellence we have taken utmost care for our accreditations.
  3. Full-Time, Part-Time, Online and Offline
    Not only in India across the world including WES does credit your degree basis the interaction that you had. Practically speaking it’s the number of real time contact class that matters in the Indian and International arena. Therefore you have to careful while seeking admission what will the final year certificate look like. If it says, Online or Part-time remember it is not credited as equivalent to Full time regular course. Off-course for enhancement of career for senior level executive there are online and part time modules available but for career seeking students this is not advised.
  4. Syllabus and Curriculum
    Another factor for differentiating MBA and PGDM is the syllabus. In the majority of the MBA courses; the curriculum is formulated by the university and therefore is pretty same. While the PGDM courses are designed by an institute individually taking approval of the regulatory bodies understanding the pressing needs of the Market and Student which leads to more flexibility, empowering and fulfilling career ready. Even various changes are made in the syllabus every year by changes in the industry. Therefore, colleges offering a PGDM programme are expected to be more suitable and aligned with the trends in the corporate world.
  5. The Structure
    The core subjects of both courses, i.e. MBA and PGDM are common. However, the experts claim that the MBA programmes are more focused on the theoretical aspects related to management rather than the adoption of practical knowledge. Whereas PGDM courses are more focused on the industry and its practical knowledge. This course is designed to develop the skills needed in the current market. PGDM course is, therefore, more helpful for the students to develop practical skills with the consideration of industrial perspectives.
  6. The Approach
    Training and teaching are multi-dimensional under PGDM; even activities like cases, presentations, short-term trainings, and simulations are the part of pedagogy. Whereas the scope of innovation in MBA though good the syllabus is finalized by the university and does rotate around prefixed theories. Terna primarily known to imbibe real life skills among the students so that they thrive to reach a pedestal from Acorn to Oak.
  7. Entrance Examinations
    An individual can get entrance in PGDM through CAT/MAT/ATMA/XAT and also state level examinations like MHCET, TSICET. Some universities consider only state level entrance exams for MBA, but a few also accept CAT and MAT. Terna accepts CAT and GMAT scores for admissions. * This year most of these exams are either not conducted or students were unable to take the test therefore in his wisdom AICTE has permitted our internal methodology of selection to choose through their internal process of selection procedure
  8. Ranking
    According to the business magazines and student-centric websites, 90% out of the top 100 institutes offer PGDM courses in India.
  9. Career Impact
    Now, let us take a deeper look by dividing the career impact of these courses into two subparts, i.e. higher education perspective and jobs perspective. MBA and PGDM is no way relatable to the industrial success record of students or the difference in knowledge that is imparted in the institutes therefore getting a career opportunity is not any major difference at all. Besides, the track record and reputation, a successful career path in the field of management is also matter the knowledge and market readiness you possess, therefore think practically at the time of finalizing institute for your management course.
  10. Fees
    There is no difference in the fees between MBA and PGDM mostly depends on the GOI detailing for larger University. The differences between colleges and university offering these course differs basis the reputation and infrastructure they in general. There are other factors plays an important role in the expense too which differs from university to university or college to college and not MBA and PGDM

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