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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The E Cell , Terna envisions a society of self-motivated individuals kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive. Our sole aim is to let the concept of entrepreneurship burgeon and evolve. We aim at building people with a strong work ethic who conceive and organize business ventures guided not by mere profit making fervency , but by the inbuilt urge to innovate, take risks , shoulder social responsibility and indulge in creative execution of vibrant business concepts.

Motivated by this vision , we at Terna Engineering College E- Cell believe in getting down to the brass tacks right away, create individuals and enterprises that are ready to take on the challenges in this cut-throat competitive world and do not melt down under the broad daylight. This objective is effectively met through our ground- level processes of networking student enterprises from campus to incubators, seeding funds and angel investors in order to support the newly born enterprises in their endeavours, and gradually lead them to figure as “Ground Breaking Startups Of The World” .



This is a networking event Entrepreneurs and investors gather to talk about the startup experience, discuss new startup ideas, access to funding, startup resources and generally to connect with interesting people. There is no agenda, dues or anything else, just good conversation and networking. Individuals can get help with their questions and problems as well as find potential partners and those can provide services they need. Lots of referrals for a wide variety of reasons.


” The best start-ups usually come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.”

This is an effort to understand and validate what entrepreneurs actually do as they develop their startups. To get to know the intricate details of the working of a startup, the problems faced by it and how the opportunities that come on the way can be tapped and performance enhanced – this and all more gives the students a real flavour in the working of a start-up. The case study familiarizes them with the alien territory so that when they chose to have their own startup, then they can step in the market with a firmer foot, having some idea about the way round the place.

In such competitions, the Startup comes forward with the field/topic it wants the student to do the case study on and provide the required data and requisite access to the working for the same. The student is expected to find out the loopholes, if any, or help the entrepreneur gain some insight into how the startup can bring in some modifications to help the company benefit.

Thus, a symbiotic relationship is shared between the two parties involved. On one hand where students get a real time experience of the startup working, in a risk free environment, the startups get to utilize the country’s elite brains to figure out solutions to help them excel.


“If we wanted to build a great company we should be optimistic”- Narayana Murthy

Getting invested is the ultimate dream of any startup If you have ever had a business idea that you really believed in but haven’t born with a silver spoon, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘investor’ or ‘funds’. However only a few of us actually understand what it actually takes to convince somebody pump their money. Hence the aim of this event is to break the ice between startups looking for funding and investors.