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Capitalize your time for understanding of Engineering Career!!

Till admission season begins, let us learn ADAVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY and FOUNDATIONS OF ENGINEERING with introduction of engineering syllabus by experts-

The message is for those who see things differently, for those who believe in doing things differently i.e. our young aspiring engineers. They are the creators of our future world.

Pre Engineering Foundation Program is the platform to clarify all your doubts and help you to achieve greatness in the domain of engineering.

Have you ever wondered about the question...

  • Why Engineering?
  • What can I achieve in the domain of Engineering?
  • Will I have a good career after I complete my degree in Engineering?
  • What are the skills required for being a successful engineer and do I have those skills?
  • What are the futuristic jobs in Engineering?
  • And many more…

If yes, then you have come to the right platform.
We will be more than happy to clear all your doubts
about Engineering and guide you to the way ahead.

All the aforementioned questions will be catered & solved by a team of renowned experts from India on a single platform.
  • What about the admission process and entrance exam of Engineering?
  • Can I study before my admissions?
  • Brief about each Branch of Engineering?
  • How my first-year engineering studies will be?
  • What are the future technology trends which will be in-market / industry?
  • How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact the world?
  • What is the future of Automation?
  • How Robotics & IoT will rule the world?
  • What are job opportunities available in 2024 and how should I prepare myself to grab those requirements?
  • How Manufacturing & Constructions is designed in 2025? & Many more ……….
Program Educational Objectives
  • To understand latest technologies and its learning path.
  • To select career path with ease of access.
  • To understand latest trend in Technologies to equip academics.
  • To well-verse with academics of First Year Engineering
  • To understand career growth in Engineering .
  • To understand Aptitude and skill level through top most verified software and counselors.
  • To reduce the confusion and select the field of passion with understanding of academics / technological aspects.
Pre-Engineering Foundation Program -2021
Day Technology Track
10.00 AM - 11.00AM
Academic Track
11.15 AM – 12.15PM
Day 1
12th Oct 2021
What is Engineering? Why Pre-Engineering Foundation Program ? Role of Technology – Key Note Address
Day 2
13th Oct 2021
A complete knowhow –Manufacturing to Smart manufacturing Career / Employment opportunities for Engineers in Industry
Day 3
14th Oct 2021
Telecom Revolution - From 2G to 5G and beyond Understanding Mathematics for Engineers – Session I
Day 4
16th Oct 2021
Understanding Programming trends and Software Industry Understanding Mathematics for Engineers – Session II
Day 5
18th Oct 2021
Robot/Drone 2.0 & Automation Understanding Mathematics for Engineers – Session III
Day 6
20thOct 2021
Let us test – Aptitude and Skills Discussion , guidance of Employability
Day 7
21stOct 2021
Future of IT industry and its applications Understanding Mechanics for Engineers – Session I
Day 8
22ndOct 2021
Understand Mechatronics Understanding Mechanics for Engineers – Session II
Day 9
23rd Oct 2021
Infrastructure industry & role of civil Engineering Understanding Programming for Engineers – Session I
Day 10
25th Oct 2021
Electronics design automation (EDA) and Manufacturing Understanding Programming for Engineers – Session Ii
Day 11
26th Oct 2021
IoT & Cyber security Understanding Engineering Physics
Day 12
27th Oct 2021
New Digital World - AI & VR, Block chain, Crypto currency Understanding Engineering Chemistry
Day 13
28th Oct 2021
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Understanding Foundations of Electrical and Electronics
Day 14
29thOct 2021
Day 15
30 th Oct 2021
Virtual learning – EdTECH Industry EXPERT Guidance on Admissions