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    EPIC Highlights

    Terna Engineering Product Innovation Center

    Welcome to Terna Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC), an impressive 12,000 square foot Facility located in engineering college building

    At EPIC, all members of the TEC community can learn the skills necessary to design and build their own ideas, gain invaluable hands-on experience in design, prototyping, and project development as an integral part of a strong overall engineering education.

    EPIC is aligned with the mission of the Terna Engineering College to create societal engineers who are prepared to step up to the ever growing need in the India, and abroad, for industry leaders who understand how to develop and manufacture innovative new products in a global environment.

    With our best in class facilities and equipment, special training & guidance and access to industry experts, students in EPIC get exposed to real time project environment. The center is open to all TEC students, who are looking for project based learning, real time project environment and participation in product development contest.

    Texas Instruments Innovation Center:

    Texas Instrument Innovation center is established at Terna Engineering College under “TI University Program” in November 2017.

    Texas Instruments University Program

    The TI University Program is the intersection between TI technology, educators and the engineers of tomorrow. Our advanced analog and embedded processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in university labs worldwide. Established in 1982, the TI University Program is a global program dedicated to supporting educators, researchers and students in facilitating the inclusion of TI analog and embedded processing in engineering classrooms, teaching and research labs, textbooks, design projects and course curriculum.

    TI university program aimed at establishing a collaborative bridge between corporate and colleges with the objective of making students in the Engineering Colleges have a greater hands on experience in technologies related to :-

    Embedded systems

    Ultra Low Power Applications

    Analog System Design

    Internet of Things (IOT)

    Terna Engineering College – TIIC will bring in the following core values:-


    • Analog System Design Lab using ASLK PRO
    • Ultra Low power Microcontroller Lab
    • Internet of Things technology Lab
    • Training on TI technology for Faculty


    • Exposure to state of the art technologies through hands on learning experience
    • Better employability opportunities
    • Showcase talent and innovation
    • Participating in Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge.( If Texas Instruments conducts any contest centre will be connected with the same)
    • Training on TI technology


    TI innovation Center has different Low Power Micro-controller boards, IC’s and Sensors which are the latest products from TI Innovative solutions. TI Innovation center provides best in class electronics work benches and working environment for various projects on TI Technologies.


    e-Yantra Project is an initiative by IIT Bombay that aims to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) sponsors E-Yantra under the National Mission for ICT in Education (NMEICT) program.
    IIT Bombay envisages the ‘e-Yantra’ platform to harness the intellectual talent of young India to create utility based robotic applications for usage across variety of applications such as: agriculture, manufacturing, defense, home, city maintenance and services industries. The overall mission is to grow a rich eco-system of ideas and applications that can propel India’s growth curve and productivity through intelligent funneling of robotics in daily living built upon an existing pool of knowledge developed by students working on such projects at engineering colleges in the area of embedded systems.
    We have taken an initiative to setup e-Yantra Robotics Lab under e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative (eLSI) by IIT Bombay. SBPCOE e-Yantra Robotics Lab trains the students in embedded systems and micro-controller programming by engaging them through the Project Based Learning (PBL) mode.

    Benefits of e-Yantra robotics lab to students:

    • Awareness of embedded systems, robotics technology and mechatronics.
    • It provides platform to design, develop, program and test of robots to various applications.
    • Students can participate in national and international robotics competitions.
    • Improve BE projects with help of e-Yantra open source community.
    • Exposure to job opportunities in robotics.
    • Encourage to use robots to solve real life problems.

    e-Yantra Competitions:

    e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC)

    e-Yantra Robotics Competition Plus (eYRC+)
    e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition (eYRTC)

    e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC)

    Lab Hardware:

    Sr. No. Equipment
    1 FireBird V 2560
    2 Spark V Robot
    3 Fire Bird V P89V51RD2 adapter card
    4 Fire Bird V LPC2148 adapter card
    5 Zigbee Modules 100m range
    6 Zigbee Modules Adapter
    7 Metal-gear Servo Motors
    8 Servo Motor Based Gripper kit for the Fire Bird V robot
    9 Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared range sensor (10cm to 80cm)
    10 Microsoft X-Box Kinnect
    11 Hexabot
    12 Programming Software (AVR studio, Keil, AVR Boot loader, Flash Magic)
    13 Android Smart phones

    TERNA-Engineering Product & Innovation Center (EPIC) is 24×7 facilities.  The objective of this establishment of this center is to create ecosystem to have fruitful academic projects in regular curriculum of undergraduate /postgraduate engineering students.

    EPIC center will empower and promote the facilities needed to execute the innovative projects and a emphasis on converting the prototypes into products and eventually enable students to gather skills and able to pursue the career in core industry as well as go Entrepreneurial way on their professional journey.

    EPIC Center Infrastructure highlights-

    • 24 x 7 access and three human resources to take care

    Seating capacity of minimum 120 candidates at a time

    . • All electronic consumables components, Controllers, IC’s shall be available (Engineering EPIC Store)

    • Area 10000 sq feet
    • All software and applications
    • Audio- Video Room with VC facility /Conference room
    • Full AC environment
    • Electronic instruments/ equipments
    • Fabrication/Machining center

    EPIC Center execution and cycle-

    EPIC will be open to all innovative projects being executed 24×7. For the academic project, We have tied up with Industry experts will be assisting the overall flow of the all the projects being executed in EPIC center.

    The Execution will be done as following-

    Following are the list of project in EPIC for academic cycle 2018-19

    PC based game design
    IoT Device Dashboard design
    Visitor Localization using UWB
    3D Scanner using Linear Camera
    Finger Gesture Recognition using Linear Camera
    Plugin based system framework for Image processing
    Plugin based system for Data Visualization
    Virtual Paint Application
    Face Registration device for Recognition systems for use in Access Control
    Application package management system
    Creating a scalable REST engine for E-commerce sites to serve any frontend client
    Building a Single Page Application web frontend for an E-commerce site
    Building a Mobile App for an E-commerce site
    Build a secure browser based code editor and terminal using websockets
    Building an Android app for creating a map of the college to be used with visitor localization
    Android App for fleet management system
    Electronic Health Record System REST Backend to serve any frontend system
    Electronics Health Record System Single Page Application Web Frontend
    Electronics Health Record System Android Application
    Design a night vision camera
    Simulated Share Trading Exchange
    Distributed File System
    Design of a thermal camera
    Graphical User Interface design for embedded systems
    Graphical Digital Multi-meter Design
    Portable Oscilloscope Design
    Micro Shell over UART for embedded system without OS
    Portable Data Logger
    Mobile phone with voice messaging, text messaging and user interface
    Portable Music Player with user interface
    Universal Firmware Upgrade over the air for IoT Devices with security
    Digital Blood Pressure Measurement Device
    Graphic Calculator
    Ultrasonic Sensor based parking assistant
    ISPI (interruptible SPI protocol design)
    Display system based on persistence of vision (POV)
    Portable Weather Station with GUI
    Create a PS2 and VGA controller using FPGA
    Human motion capture using IR trackers using cameras
    Inter Microcontroller Communication Design
    Portable Breath Analyzer
    Portable Waveform Generator
    IoT Gateway (I2C, UART devices over Wi-Fi)
    PID motor controller for position and velocity control with Desktop tuner application
    Table Tennis training Robot with embedded user interface
    Robotic Goal keeper with onboard vision for Robocup(Mirosot like scenario)
    Dynamometer with desktop application for analysis and management of motor details
    Spirograph with Desktop based control application
    Printed Circuit Paper Printer for rapid prototyping using conductive ink
    Inverted Pendulum with user interface for tuning and interaction
    Handheld Gaming console for racing cars
    Handheld Paint application with cloud storage
    Point of sale device for ticketing
    Handheld GPS and IMU based path tracker, with desktop application for analysis of path
    Digitization of conventional stethoscope for visualization of heartbeat
    2DScaraRobot Design for Point to Point navigation
    Intruder detection system using camera with alert management
    Page controller for Power Point presentation
    Natural User interface for Gesture Controlled MS Paint (or any other application)
    Delta Robot Design and controller interface
    CAR Diagnostic Management with cloud connectivity and local storage
    Smart and Secure Window Shade
    GPS Datalogger and Data Visualizer
    3D Cube Visualizer using LEDs with desktop control application
    Line Follower robot with camera and PID control
    Smart connected DOG feeder with cloud connectivity and activity logger
    Boot loader Host and Device application
    GPS and GSM enabled telemetry device for Logistics
    Solar Panel Soiling Measurement Unit
    Handheld Survey Data Logger Device with configurable survey template management
    Obstacle Avoidance robot using Camera and Laser Line Generator
    Vertical Plotting machine
    Automated Quality Inspection System for pharmaceutical using Camera
    Portable ECG monitoring device with web interface
    Smart Light Intensity management system for connected homes
    Interactive Surface design using finger based gesture control
    Handheld Barcode recognizer
    Smart Chessboard
    Fitness tracker using accelerometers and camera
    Data Acquisition System over wireless connection on PC
    Design of micro mobile robotic kit for swarm related research
    Microcontroller board design with bootloader application
    Design of low cost robotic toy which doesn’t require external computer for programming
    Dashboard for bicycle
    3 DoF Stewart Platform Design
    ECG machine
    Color code based object sorting machine
    Data Visualization for rotating LRF
    Smart Watch
    CMOS camera driver for image acquisition
    Lane following mobile robot
    Designing a universal remote control for smart homes
    2D image grayscale scanner
    Autonomous Zeplin for indoor surveillance
    EduOS for microcontroller
    Wireless Keyboard for PC
    Fruit Slicer
    Automated Pan-Tilt unit for target tracking using computer vision
    HVAC system
    Smart Security System for Automated Visitor registration
    Waypoint based navigation for mobile robot in indoor environment using landmarks
    Finger Gesture Recognition using Laser Line Generator and Camera
    Differential drive robot with trajectory control and telemetry
    Rocker boogie based outdoor mobile robot design