Department of EXTC visited ISRO Bengaluru on 9th September 2022. Students enjoyed the long train journey to the fullest. Many go-getters in the group kept them engaged throughout the journey. A visit to ISRO wherein the satellites are built gave them a new dimension to telecom students’ knowledge. Many satellite models such as Aryabhatta, Apple etc.. were explained to the students. In the sequel the launchings of Chandrayan 3, Aditya LI lunar land rover and zero gravity solar observation. They also visited HAL, where they viewed the indigenously made defence aircraft, helicopters and Avionics. Sightseeing was the icing on the cake. Visit Lalbagh, Banner Ghatta, ISKON temple and many more places culminated in their joy. Students also enjoyed their stay at four-star hotels with delicious food, luxurious rooms and extensive shopping. Students were under the vigilance of six faculty members who strived hard to safeguard the students and guided them as and when required. Indeed it was cherishable IV to all the EXTC students.

Dept.of EXTC and Electronics organised one week STTP on IoT from 1st Jan  to 5th in coordination with TCS.Indeed this STTP has exposed the faculty to the cutting edge technology.   Furthermore   hands on was conducted by TCS experts.Faculty from all over Mumbai had attended this workshop

Dept of EXTC under IETE organised three day workshop on ” Wireless Technogy and Cyber Security ” from  10th Jan to 12th Jan 2020.Around 80 Students attended the work shop eventhough itsxa weekend.Students were overwhelmed  for having exposed to GNS3 and Hands on practical on CISCO Routers.Prof.Rupali was the coordinator and she strained her every nerve to make it a success.

One Day  hands on Training on Routing and subnetting conducted by Prof Aarthi Boynapalli  for TE students. In this workshop Prof. Aarthi has emphasized the different algorithms in routing.Students has solve various numericals related to Subnetting & also find out the shortest distance between different nodes using routing algorithms like Dijekstra, Prims,Kruskals & Bellman-Ford algorithm.

Industrial Visit to “Institute of Satellite Communication Pvt. Ltd,” Pune. Main objective of visiting this industry  to provide innovative, technologically advanced and financially competitive solutions to new installation, retrofits and upgrades in the field of satellite communication. Students has learnt different aspects of SATCOM.

Industrial Visit to “ISRO”, Banglore. The Indian Space Research Organisation is the space agency of the Government of India headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. Its vision is to “harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.”