Sl. No. TopicsTopTopics              Invited Guests Lecture Date
1 Human Values Dr. Vivek Krishnarao Sunnapwar, He is currently discharging duties as the Principal in Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai. 18-10-2019
2 Energy Conservation Prof. Sambhaji Kadam, Faculty associated with Petroleum Conservation Association, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India 14-10-2019
3 Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Technical Students” Prof. Nitin Bharaskar, K.P.B. Hinduja College, Charni Road, Mumbai 16-04-2019
4 HOW TO BE HAPPY Dr. Pradeep Patkar(md,psychiatry), TERNA MEDICAL COLLEGE @TERNA AUDITORIUM,NERUL 14-02-2019


Workshop on Effective Business Correspondence for TEC Staff.
The purpose of the workshop was to create awareness about the importance of Effective Business correspondence, Corporate/ Institutional Ethics and Dress Code for the TEC staff- Lab Assistants, Clerks and Non-teaching staffs, Peons etc

Expert Talk on “Effective Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills” was conducted by Dr.Gupta for GE students. He has explained different ways of Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills and also conducted sessions for improving Communication skills.

                                                      Terna Engineering College has organised five days Induction Programme from 8th August,2019 to 13th August, 2019 for the students of First Year Engineering as they enter aninstitution with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. The Induction Program is designed to make the newly joined students feel comfortable, sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding within them, build relations between teachers and students, give a broader view of life, and building of character

Click on the following link to know more about  Student Induction pProgram:  FE Student Induction Program

Vacancy position in Computer Engineering & Information Technology.

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