The academic team consist of 1 Professor and 09 Assistant Professors. The department faculties have diverse backgrounds and specialize in:

  • Mechatronics (4)
  • Electrical (1)
  • EXTC (2)
  • Manufacturing (1)
  • CAD/CAM and Robotics (1)
  • Heat and Power (1)


Apart from academic experience several faculty have industrial and research experience.



S. N. Name of the Staff  Designation
1 Vyawahare Vikram Shirikant Assistant Professor
2 Dr. S.V.G. Ravindranath Professor
3 DR. Raghavendra Shravan Upadhyay Associate Professor
4 Govind Kankath Krishnan Nair Assistant Professor Adjunct Faculty
5 Chate Abhijit Sampat Assistant Professor
6 Shinde Dattatraya Bhanudas Assistant Professor
7 Patil Takale Rajkuma Ashok Assistant Professor
8 Walanj Vrishali Arun Assistant Professor
9 Kulkarni Rahul Diliprao Assistant Professor
10 Shelar Pankaj Rangnath Assistant Professor
11 Kulkarni Shantanu Laxmikant Assistant Professor