Mechatronics Students Win 1st Position in E-Yantra Robotics contest BerryMinator Theme

Team Members
  • Umesh Mane
  • Prathamesh Pawaskar
  • Mohd Zaid Chachiya
  • Raj Hemant Panchal
Berryminator Theme: 
The theme is set in a simulated environment where indoor vertical farming is explored. The arena is an abstraction of a farm where different types of berries are cultivated in vertically stacked trays in different rooms. A robot navigates through these rooms and galleries of the farm and harvests berries based on factors such as: size, ripeness and quantity required. In this theme, the students get to design, simulate and code their own robotic mechanism. After completing this theme, participants will be confident in deploying robotic applications using CoppeliaSim, OpenCV, Python and CAD.

Concepts used: Robotic Simulation, Image Processing, 3D Designing, Algorithm Building, Robot Navigation and localization, Python programming and Lua programming.

Implementation: Simulator based

Mechatronics Engineering Students Win Awards at B&R Automation Open Automation Challenge.

Heartiest Congratulations to Mechatronics Students,

for winning the Code Masters Award and


for winning Extra Mile Award at B&R Automation Open Automation Challenge 💐💐💐

Congratulation to Mr. Atharv Pande & Mr. Umesh Mane on the completion of 2 months full-time online internship at IITD-AIA foundation for smart manufacturing with Excellence performance.

Mechatronics Engineering students completed 2 months full-time online internship at IITD-AIA foundation for smart manufacturing.
Students were exposed to Industrial IoT Implementation, Augmented Reality in Manufacturing, Machine Learning implementation for Manufacturing, Real-time Dashboard and Mobile apps, Robotics in Smart Manufacturing, and  Digital Twin implementation.
Both students performed exceptionally well and in their projects were evaluated among the top
1. Mr. Atharv Sanjay Pande (Best Project Award)
Project Title: “Automated Guided Vehicle Using ROS 2”
2. Mr. Umesh  Lalasaheb Mane (Project Among top 40)

AVALON 2019-First Prize in National Level Paper Presentation

AVALON 2017-First Prize in National Level Paper Presentation.

AVISHKAR 2017-Third Prize in AVISHKAR 2017 amongst 12 team

Praxis 2016-First Prize in Inter College Technical Festival


Raj Zambad (BE-2019) got 1st prize in Table Tennis at Sterling College sports Event-2019

Mechatronics Engineering Students, Bhavesh Bharambe and Yash Karpe represented Maharashtra state in the regional round (West zone) of indiaskills Mechatronics contest at Jaipur Exhibition Convention Center (JECC)

Two teams from Mechatronics 1. Raj Khatik (BE-2018) 2. Shubham Shivalkar(BE-2019) participated in Finals of NI Yantra 2017. These two teams were among top 25 finalists.

Vacancy position in Computer Engineering & Information Technology.

Interested candidates can contact HR at 02261115444/07 or send their CV to