Department of Mechatronics Engineering

This is one of the first university affiliated department in the state of Maharashtra to offer a Bachelor of Engineering degree program in Mechatronics Engineering.

A mechatronic system is a multidisciplinary system embodying a synergistic combination of the disciplines of electrical/electronics, mechanical and computer science / information technology.

In today’s world mechatronic products and systems are all around us; such as the modern auto focus camera, washing machines with electronic controls, printing and photocopy machines etc. Modern automobiles have several mechatronic systems such as electric power assisted steering, engine management system, cruise control etc. Mechatronic systems such as medical diagnostic scanners, surgical assistant robots etc. are being increasingly used.

Apart from direct application in product design, mechatronics has also created opportunities in intelligent manufacturing. Servo and process level controllers control the process parameters whereas supervisory control can be used to control plant output parameters. CNC machines and robots used in modern factories improve both the flexibility of manufacturing system as well as the product quality. Intelligent automatic inspection systems help in reducing human intervention resulting in lower lifecycle cost and higher quality.

Mechatronics Engineers would be able to creatively solve real life problems with an interdisciplinary approach.

Why Mechatroncis?

Key Features

  • 6 Laboratories with ‘state of the art’ equipment.
  • System modeling and simulation software.
  • Application based lab exercises.
  • Skill development through simulated virtual machines.


Student team of Mechatronics third year qualified for the final round of NIYantra 2016, a national level system design competition organized by National Instruments. The faculty of the department have several noteworthy publications to their credit in various National and International Journals and Conferences.