PGDM in Hospital & Health Management

The Hospital & Healthcare Management programme (HHM) of Terna School of Management, is a highly sought-after programme by those who wish to make a fulfilling career in management of healthcare & its organizations. The Terna Charitable Trust completing 40 Years with Terna Hospital servicing millions of lives helping us stretch our horizon through this start-programme.  This has been started keeping healthcare management requirements in the current global ecosystem in the centre, especially in the Hospitals, Public Health Services, Including Government Programs, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical And Pharma-Based Product Marketing, Medical Devices, Vaccine Development, Biomedical Equipment, Clinical Trials, Pathology Labs, Health Program Based Consulting, Research And Publication, Teaching & Training and Medical Tourism. Such that covering all areas of 360-degree Hospital & Health Sector Management. With an increasing role of Information Technology in the health sector, renowned IT organisations have established their health care verticals supporting the government’s focus on healthcare investment for sustainable development, the launch of rural and urban health missions as well as supporting private players. This course is approved by AICTE.

Integration of Specialties

The PGDM-HHM programme accommodates graduates from all the background owing to the demand in the healthcare industry which has widespread in Healthcare Technology, Administrations, Digital Marketing, Strategies, Telemedicine, Epidemiology, Government as well as Private Management of Pharmacology etc…. Being in the healthcare management programme, most students from healthcare related background such as MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering, Physiotherapy, Nursing will also be studying the course together with Engineering, Technology, Commerce Students bringing and sharing the right knowledge to bring in more innovative, sustainable and growth oriented approach.

Summer Internship :  Several of the MOU’s signed for student exchanges across the country for the students to choose of the aspiration and convenience during the end of the first year. While learning students could earn from the opportunity through stipends.

International Exchange: Students who are eligible will also be exchanged to the global area during summer internship.

Vacancy position in Computer Engineering & Information Technology.

Interested candidates can contact HR at 02261115444/07 or send their CV to