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    Research Activities

    Terna Engineering College, strives to encourage creative work, innovation and design thinking in enthusiastic young minds. TEC has made rigorous efforts to promote R&D at various echelons. Students and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of engineering. TEC have introduced the project based learning concept to encourage students. Final year projects of undergraduates are based on IEEE papers. Students have successfully developed ground-breaking multidisciplinary projects such as Pathology Lab in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics,IoT, VLSI, NiYantra,TI  and Equinox Apps on Android to name a few. ME students endeavor to outreach in varied research area by contributing novel ideas and techniques as their projects are based on transaction (IEEE, ACM, Springer ) papers. Many departments have started PhD program  to focus on research.



    HRV Using Peizoelectric Sensor

    Low COst Smart Hearing Aid

    Sign Language Glove

    Multisource ENergy Harvesting System