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    Our institute Terna Engineering College has signed MoU with Campus credentials for Terna CRT training..!

    CRT training has been extremely fruitful not only for our students, but also for us. The training has benefitted a lot of students of Terna in the previous year too. We were looking for people to not just train our students, but also provide the platform for our students to practice their skills. With CRT training we got exactly that and a lot more. We have seen remarkable improvement in their aptitude skills, problem solving ability, public speaking skills and overall personality development. Our students are not just job ready, but are ready to explore and achieve. Our students were taught to fly high, but with this training, they discovered the many ways they could fly. Furthermore, CRT training specializes in Java ,Python and core training helping our students to grow in technical skills.
    We have been great at achieving success in the placement arena and CRT training holds a great share in it.

    Vacancy position in Computer Engineering & Information Technology.

    Interested candidates can contact HR at 02261115444/07 or send their CV to