TECRobo Club is an initiative of our college to promote Robotics not just as a hobby but a career option too. The main objective is to developing the inherent logic in young minds through creativity to lead the world in robotics innovation. TECrobo club readying the minds that will build and control the futuristic team of robocrafts and have a loads of fun while developing a robot. The annual technical fest AUTOMETA which is conducted every year in collaboration with AVALON national technical event.The major technical events of Autometa are Robo Hurdles, Robo Skittles, Robo Soccer and Robo Sumo etc.

Name of the Student Branch Post
Digvijay Patil TE MTRX Chairman
Shivam Singh TE MECH Vice Chairman
Mrudula Khedkar TE EXTC Secretary
Vineet Agarwal TE IT Treasurer
Sarvesh Yadav TE EXTC Technical Head
Nirant Sinari TE MTRX Creativity Head
Tinesh Mahajan TE Mech Publicity Head
Abhishek Kolekar TE MECH Publicity Head
Shivani Kocharekar TE EXTC Infrastructure Head