Terna Incubation Center

Terna Incubation Center (TIC)

As we read out the Elon Musk’s “Space-X” program in newspaper or scroll through “Facebook” or doing online shopping using “Flipkart”, our world has been changed by “Start-up” community, determined entrepreneurs of this era are changing the world and carving the eco system of business and providing what people need and creating their own fortune. We are eager to support our students who dreams to become the next “Mark Zuckerberg” or “Jeff Bezos”.

We encourage our students and an alumnus’s to take up an entrepreneurial route to success. Our Incubation Centre is the runway for student’s flight towards making a dent in the Universe. At TIC we shall identify potential for impactful enterprises, nurture them and help them accelerate towards success. We will facilitate business support systems, community & industrial exposure, infrastructural/financial support and expert mentoring to the selected start-ups.

Our Commitments

“Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Unmatched Support and Resources”

Office Space

- Comfortable Working Space and the essential business infrastructure, including office space, internet and other basic essentials
- Access to high quality technical resources and guidance for research, development and prototyping

Funding Assistance

- Assistance with the necessary amount of seed funding
- Operational guidance and Services essential for business, including legal and financial assistance


- Deep engagement expert mentorship for each Company/Product
- Opportunity for each start-up to engage with experienced entrepreneurs, industrial partners, and investors

Thrust Area

TIC would consider all innovation, knowledge and technology centered start-up with a potent solution to existing problems of the society or economy in one of the following thrust areas but not limited to. We are open to review the deviating areas and their proximity to current trends in business.


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