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Date Circular /
Notice No.
15.1.2020 TEC-1920-56 Haldi KumkumCircular
21.12.2019 TEC-1920-46 Regarding Admission Notice for PhD Scholars
28.11.2019 TEC1920-525 Circular Regarding Exam fees
7.11.2019 Scholarship Notice
25.10.2019 TEC-1920-40 Winter Training Planner SH19
24.10.2019 TEC-1920-37 Scholarship Notice
10.10.2019 TEC-1920-36 Notice regarding Exam Form
10.10.2019 TEC-1920-35 Notice regarding Exam Form
04.10.2019 TEC-1920-34 Notice regarding photocopy/reverification of Application Form
03.10.2019 ——– Internship Letter Format
01.10.2019 TEC-1920-33 Holiday on 02nd October 2019
26.09.2019 —— Notice Regarding Examination form
16.09.2019 —— Internship Letter Format
16.08.2019 TEC-1920-22 Circular Regarding Scholarship
16.08.2019 TEC-1920-22 Circular Regarding Interview for Selection of student council
16.08.2019 TEC-1920-21 Circular regarding Election of Interim Student Council
16.08.2019 TEC-1920-20 Circular regarding Election Of Class Representive
16.08.2019 TEC-1920-19 Circular regarding Holiday Parsi New Year
11.08.2019 TEC-1920-18 Independence Day Program Schedule
10.08.2019 TEC-1920-17 Flag Hoisting Ceremony
9.08.2019 TEC-1920-13 Admission Notice for Direct Second year students
6.08.2019 TEC-1920-12 Revised Admission Notice for Third year and Final Year students
2.08.2019 TEC-1920-11 Exam Notice
1.08.2019 TEC-1920-11 Notice regarding Third Year and Final Year Admission
31.07.2019 TEC-1920-09 Circular regarding First year regular class.
25.07.2019 TEC-1920-08 Circular regarding third year admission.
19.07.2019 TEC-1920-06 Circular regarding second year admission.
15.07.2019 TEC-1920-05 Circular regarding Laboratory Journals.
10.07.2019 TEC-1819-257 Revised admission notice for Phd research scholars and ME (2nd Year) students.
07.07.2019 TEC-1819-259 Procedures to follow for FE admission
01.07.2019 TEC-1819-258 Regular Classes for SH-2019 will Commence from 8th july 2019
01.07.2019 TEC-1819-257 Admission Notice
08.04.2019 Notice-26 Online CAP
02.05.2019 University Photocopy SH- 2018
11.04.2019 TEC-1819-225 Holiday on 19th April 2019
11.04.2019 TEC-1819-224 Holiday on 17th April 2019
11.04.2019 TEC-1819-223 Alumni Reunion-2019
10.04.2019 Notice-25 Photocopy reverification form submission
08.04.2019 Notice-24 Photocopy reverification form submission(Old)
08.04.2019 Notice-23 Sem I & II Choice based KT & Regular students Exam form Submission
08.04.2019 Notice-22 Sem I & II CBGS Exam form Submission
08.04.2019 Notice-21 Sem I & II Choice based KT Exam form Submission
04.04.2019 Notice-20 BE Exam form Submission
26.03.2019 Notice-19 Photocopy/Reverification forms for BE Sem VII(CBCS)
15.03.2019 Notice-16 Various activities of Exam dept for TE ET (Choice Based) Students
12.03.2019 Notice-15 Acceptance of Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for FE Sem I (Choice Based) Students
11.03.2019 Notice-17 Acceptance of examination forms for SE & TE Students
11.03.2019 Notice-14 Acceptance of Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for BE Sem VII (CBGS) ET/IT/ELEX Students
02.03.2019 Notice-12 Acceptance of Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for BE Sem VII (CBGS) Mechanical Students
28.02.2019 Notice-11 Various activities for SE CIVIL branch students
28.02.2019 TEC-1819-207 Women’s Day Celebration
26.02.2019 TEC-1819-205 Degree Distribution and Award Ceremony 2018
26.02.2019 TEC-1819-1321 Last date for submission Scholarship / Free-ship Online Form
26.02.2019 TEC-1819-204 Seminar on “Women’s Rights”
26.02.2019 TEC-1819-203 Marathi Language Day
25.02.2019 Notice-10 Acceptance of Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for FE Sem II (Choice Based) students
20.02.2019 Workshop on “Industrial Approach in Electronics”for SE & TE (ELEX & ET) students
20.02.2019 Notice-09 Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for BE Comp VII (CBGS) students
18.02.2019 TEC-1819-201 Holiday on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
16.02.2019 Notice-08 Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for BE COMP & IT students
15.02.2019 Notice-07 Various Activities of Exam Department after SE/TE exam declaration
14.02.2019 Notice-06 Photocopy/Re-verification application forms for BE ET VIII (Rev to CBGS) students
11.02.2019 TEC-1819-1282 Scholarship / Free-ship Online Form’s hard copy submission notice
11.02.2019 TEC-1819-1282 Scholarship / Free-ship Online Form’s hard copy submission notice
05.02.2019 TEC-1819-198 Guest Lecture on “How to be Happy”
05.02.2019 Notice_4 Acceptance of Exam forms for FE & BE students
05.02.2019 Notice_3 Submission of Synopsis for ME Sem III Students
05.02.2019 Notice_2 Acceptance of Examination Forms for ME Sem III & IV Students
30.01.2019 —- Resonance 2019 Schedule
29.01.2019 TEC-1819-193 Event Registration
23.01.2019 TEC-1819-191 Flag Hosting Ceremony
23.01.2019 TEC-1819-189 Council Meeting
17.01.2019 Cultural Activity Plan 2019
17.01.2019 TEC-1920-1173 Submission of “Migration Certificate” for DSE students
17.01.2019 TEC-1920-1172 Complete ERP data for FE/DSE/ME students
15.01.2019 TEC-1819-81 75% attendance in Theory & Practicals
11.01.2019 —- Student Grievances Portal Notice (Grievances Portal)
09.01.2019 TEC-1920-1128 Submission of caste validity on urgent basis
05.01.2019 TEC-1819-1122 Freeship/Scholarship new admission for SC students & Submission of hard copy for DSE students
—– Defaulter Undertaking Form