How BE Civil Engineering Will Help to Advance Your Career?

BE Civil Engineering

Being the 2nd largest industry, the Indian construction industry is employing 35 million employees. And as the Government of India and the private sector are boosting infrastructure development, this industry is expected to continue to grow. So, if you are interested in joining the construction industry, you may consider studying for the BE Civil Engineering Course.

Later in this blog, we’ll discuss how this degree will help you advance your career in different domains and what are the benefits of studying this course.

BE civil engineering is an undergraduate program offered by various engineering colleges in India. This course puts emphasis on the building, planning, and upkeep of structures like bridges, buildings, waterworks, tunnels, and airports. This course is taught with a combination of theoretical and practical approaches.

Key highlights of BE Civil engineering course at Terna Engineering College, Navi Mumbai

Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration4 years
Minimum Eligibility Criteria● Candidates must have successfully completed the class 10+2 level with mathematics, physics, and chemistry classes from an accredited educational board.
● Candidates must have achieved at least a 45% overall grade in class 12.
● Lateral entry – After completing an engineering diploma, you can enrol right away in the second year of BE.
Availability Of Seats60
Course Fee5.20 LPA

How civil engineering will benefit in advancing your career

  • Skilled & qualified BE civil engineering students receive attractive pay packages and numerous career possibilities.
  • This course offers a respectable profession.
  • As construction is a growing industry, this profession will always be in demand and you’ll have job stability.
  • Studying this course from a top engineering college will help you learn various transferrable skills.
  • This course will offer various perks of civil engineering like exciting job options, attractive remuneration, and work abroad opportunities as well as will help you leave a positive impact on society.

Career Scope of Civil Engineering

Career after BE civil engineering is prosperous and attractive. Civil engineers after completing graduation can work in government organisations like railways, and defence forces to private organisations like DLF, Essar Group, Punj Lloyd, etc. Additionally, you can start your entrepreneurship firm or can opt for higher education courses. Let’s check out the career scope in detail-

Job Options

Numerous jobs after civil engineering are available in public & private sector enterprises. You will get job opportunities in areas like Civil Construction companies, Educational Institutes, Tunnel Engineering Companies, Civil Engineering Companies, oil & energy companies, Engineering transportation companies, and water resources. Let’s check out the popular job profiles available for engineers-

Engineering projects involving buildings and infrastructure are planned, designed, and overseen by civil engineers.

This is one of the best career options after BE civil engineering. An expert who plans and manages the construction of different structures like buildings, bridges, etc, by assuring their durability and safety, is a structural engineer. They work with contractors, monitor on-site construction, analyse loads and pressures, and use computer-aided design tools.

These engineers are responsible to manage, design, and execute projects that involve water resources. You can find this job position in government organisations as well as in private firms.

The job role of environmental engineers includes the collection and analysis of environmental data researching how humans affect the environment, and enhancing environmental management. These engineers are also known as creative problem-solvers.

The roles & responsibilities of the construction engineer will vary according to the project. However, their primary job role is to coordinate with architects, building engineers, etc. To assemble required tools & equipment, look after the safety & process of the project.

The roles & responsibilities of transport engineers are to plan, design, operate, and maintain transport systems to create savvy, secure, and living communities.

BE Civil Engineering
Source- PayScale

Higher Education Possibilities

Upon completion of an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, apart from jobs students also have the scope for higher studies after civil engineering.

They can pursue courses like-

  • ME
  • MTech
  • MBA
  • M.Phil
  • PhD

Choose Terna Engineering College, Navi Mumbai for Civil engineering courses

  • We educate and train our students and help them secure jobs through civil engineering placements organised at the campus.
  •  We not only make students prepare for engineering jobs, but we also motivate our students to become entrepreneurs by fostering their entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • At Terna Engineering College, we are dedicated to offering proper industrial exposure to the students, and for this, we offer our students with industrial visits and regularly invite industry speakers for expert lectures, seminars, and workshops.
  • We also help our students in securing internship opportunities as civil engineering interns in notable construction companies.

Summing up

With the growing population of middle-class people in India & Government intervention, there is enormous scope after BE civil engineering in the private and public sectors of India. Additionally, qualified civil engineers can establish their careers abroad. And to further advance your career you can choose to pursue civil engineering from the top engineering colleges of India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Career growth in the field of civil engineering is positive, you can start your career as an entry-level engineer, and by gaining some years of working experience, you can take leadership job positions such as project managers. Furthermore, certain civil engineers after gaining some years of work experience also look out for government jobs or entrepreneurship opportunities.

Yes, Civil engineering is a great career choice. This field of engineering will offer you great growth opportunities and infrastructural projects will keep on increasing with increasing population and times not only in India but worldwide. And you will get numerous career options.

As a civil engineer, you can work in the areas of transportation engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, maritime engineering, etc.

Geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, and structural engineers are some of the best job profiles for civil engineers.

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